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The first-ever membership that includes the cost of 100+ lab tests—comprehensive across heart, thyroid, hormones, metabolic, toxins, nutrients, autoimmunity, and more. Robust results turn into actionable insights from top doctors. Just $499 per year.

100+ of the most most comprehenshive set of lab tests

5x more testing than most physicals

Detect early indicators of 1000’s of diseases

Whole-body testing
Results tracked over time

Function makes
testing easy.


5 minutes to book Book a time slot at one of the 2,000+ labs across the U.S.


15 minute lab visit Annual tests require two lab visits and 8-hour fast.


Take action. Test again. Results become personalized insights and clinician reviews.

Included with your membership

Actionable insights from top doctors.

Function is the one place for advanced lab testing, results tracking, insights, and explanations, allowing you to concentrate on living. No hidden fees. No insurance involved. FSA and HSA eligible. Just $499 per year.

Function includes the cost of 100+ lab tests.

Each membership year begins with the Annual set of the most comprehensive  100+ lab tests.  Then 3-6 months later, members receive a Follow-Up set of 60+ lab tests to see how their body has changed.

Whole-body testing. 

All-in-one testing across heart, hormones, thyroid, cancer signals, nutrients, heavy metals, metabolic health, liver, kidney, pancreas and even more. 5x more testing than most physicals.

Re-test as needed.

Focus on specific areas or test everything again. Easy to book. Fully transparent prices.

Exclusive invites for friends and family.

Easy to read. Easy to understand. Evidence-backed insights based on your unique results, developed with the world’s top doctors.

Access to Grail’s Galleri cancer testing.

Detect 50+ cancers. As early as stage 1. Just two vials of blood. Includes ovarian, breast, testicular, cervical, melanoma, colon, and pancreatic.

Function is designed to stay
with you for a lifetime.


Primary Care

Concierge Medicine

At Home Test Kits


Number of tests covered with membership




Depends, 1-5

Depends, 0-5

Cost of advanced lab tests covered by membership

Top doctor guidance targeted to your results

A.I. Insights

On demand access to lab tests

Results tracked over time

Transparent pricing for tests

Secure dashboard for results

Today is the day.

Your health is worth it.

Unlock 100 Healthy Years

The first-ever membership that includes the cost of 100+ lab tests.

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